Ghost I'd On Facebook

Hello friends its really cool and unique trick.

When you send the message to your friends with Ghost IS they immediate shocked.

Facebook not gives permission to make this type account.

But today I am telling you How To Make GHOST ID on Facebook in Android just follow the some easy steps.

How To Make GHOST ID on Facebook in Android:
First Download HOLA App. in
from Playstore

Open Hola And Select Indonesia Proxy
click on Browser and type
Fill your email and password
Now Click on Setting where you see the arrow sign
Go to Account Setting>>General>>Language>>Bhasa Indonesia

Now come back and click on the right side you see USA flag and select Indonesia Flag
Go To Pengaturan Akun>>Umum>>Nama
Remove First Name or Last Name or Paste This ﱞ   
Character and Save
Click On Tinjau Peubahan

It's Done and now go back click on Bahasa and select Language English
Now your Ghost Account ready to Use.

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